Shareholder Structure - Wacker Chemie AG

Shareholder Structure

Wacker Chemie AG’s largest shareholder is Dr. Alexander Wacker Familiengesellschaft mbH, Munich. It holds over 50 percent of the voting shares in Wacker Chemie AG (2017: over 50 percent). Blue Elephant Holding GmbH (Pöcking, Germany) once again had no voting¬share changes to report in 2018, with its holding in Wacker Chemie AG remaining at over 10 percent (2017: over 10 percent).

According to the analysis of WACKER’s shareholder structure as of December 31, 2018, the majority of shareholders (37 percent) are located in Germany (2017: 31 percent). The proportion of US shareholders was 22 percent (2017: 25 percent). The percentage of stock accounted for by UK shareholders edged up from 20 to 21 percent. The proportion of shares held by other European investors was 18 percent (2017: 21 percent).