50 Years’ Research to Give Your Customers 30 Years’ Peace of Mind

WACKER invests hundreds of millions in R&D every year. The close interaction of product development at WACKER SILICONES and WACKER POLYMERS has produced a perfectly balanced portfolio of binders, additives and primers. This includes SILRES® BS silicone resin products, which – since 1963 – have been making sure that facades look as good as new for up to 30 years.

SILRES® BS Milestones

1963 Invention of silicone resin emulsion paint at the WACKER labs by Dr. Siegfried Nietzsche among others
1966 The so-called “Munich paint” gains acceptance among experts
1970s Market launch of solvent-based SILRES® BS 40
1980s The first reference objects are painted with silicone resin emulsion paint based on SILRES® BS
1980s/1990s Market launch of the world’s first solvent-free silicone resin binder: SILRES® BS 2143 establishes the foundation for today’s SILRES® BS 45
2003 “We help facades!” – the start of an initiative to increase awareness for silicone resin emulsion paint among painters
2008 Market launch of silicone resin additives for silicate paints
2011 Introduction of SILRES® BS products for interior paints
2013 WACKER rounds out the additives portfolio with BS 1303. Paint manufacturers can now formulate a full range of paints and plasters – from poor to good beading behavior.

Products for the World of Tomorrow

WACKER’s labs produce solutions for the future. SILRES® BS silicone resin products, for example. They contribute to increased energy efficiency and offer ideal protection for external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS). In general, ETICS attract a large amount of condensation, while the facade also does not dry out very well.

ETICS facades heat up during the day due to sunlight, while their temperature drops greatly during the night, as no heat passes from the inside out. In this way, a lot of condensation forms.

Due to the reduced heat flow from the inside out, ETICS also do not dry out very well. Here, water-repellent yet breathable silicone resin emulsion paints are a must.