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Climate change and rising energy costs are two of the major challenges of our time. Increasing energy consumption and global warming demand new energy solutions. Accordingly, the generation of safe, clean power from wind also plays a central role at WACKER.

The turbines on windmills consist of half-sectional pipes of composite materials that are bonded together. Such bonding requires the use of special high-impact modifiers for wind turbines.

Adhesive, Mounting and Surface Materials

With its VENTOTEC® line of dispersible high-efficiency impact modifiers, WACKER has launched an entirely new generation of products for optimizing reactive resins. The powdery additives impressively combine in one product the two technologies for the production of silicones and organic polymers. The result is a highly efficient hybrid product that makes adhesive layers stronger and more durable. The additives increase the impact strength of epoxy resins and other thermosets. In addition, the favorable basic properties of these materials are preserved unaltered. This outstanding effect can be achieved with the smallest of quantities of VENTOTEC®, which makes for production processes that are both cost-effective and efficient.

Structural Bonding and Chemical Anchorage

HDK® pyrogenic silica is a mature product produced by WACKER for over 40 years and used by customers worldwide with great success. Due to our integrated production system with its statistical process control and highly efficient reactor dynamics, the pyrogenic silica we produce is exceptionally pure. HDK® improves the performance, stability and handling of your systems and formulations at all phases of production and processing.

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Form has no limits

ELASTOSIL® silicone rubber grades are room-temperature-curing, two-part (RTV-2) silicone rubber compounds known for their excellent fidelity of reproduction. They are ideal for making replicas of all levels of intricacy and for all kinds of casting and printing applications, be they wax, plaster, concrete, casting resins or low-melting alloys, or materials for pad printing or for reusable vacuum bags in the composites industry.

Protect Electrical Control Units and Sensors

ELASTOSIL® RT base rubber grades offer outstanding flowability, good self-deaeration and high reactivity for rapid demolding – even when the rubber contains large amounts of silicone fluid.


WACKER SilGel® products are addition-curing RTV-2 silicone elastomers that cure both at room temperature and at higher temperatures. Their distinguishing feature is their low viscosity and pronounced inherent tack – such properties can even render a primer or adhesion promoter superfluous.

Electrical Insulation and Impregnation of Generator Parts

Two-part (RTV-2) silicone rubbers may be addition- or condensation-curing. They can be applied automatically, have long pot lives and vulcanize rapidly when heat is applied.



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