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  • Renewable Energies

    Protecting the climate involves developing alternative technologies based on renewable raw materials, promoting environmentally friendly power generation and providing reliable energy supplies. WACKER looks to wind power, solar thermal power and photovoltaics as technologies of the future for sustainable energy production.

  • Sun

    A pioneering manufacturer of solar-technology products, WACKER is now an important partner to the solar and photovoltaic industries, with extensive expertise in the field.

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  • Wind

    Climate change and rising energy costs are two of the major challenges of our time. Increasing energy consumption and global warming demand new energy solutions. Accordingly, the generation of safe, clean power from wind also plays a central role at WACKER.

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  • Hydro Power

    With regard to using hydro power to produce energy, WACKER can draw on decades of first-hand experience. Hydro power has a long tradition at WACKER.

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Renewable Energies

Before there is Renewable Energy, there is WACKER.

Energy transition represents one of the greatest technological challenges. Wind, water and the sun are natural sources of energy, free to use, and at the heart of a sustainable energy supply.

WACKER has for decades been at the forefront in the development of innovative methods for generating power in a way that is both climate-friendly and economical. Sustained efficient use of renewable energy systems requires the highest levels of quality, purity, protection and safety in the products and processes involved. With its hyperpure silicon for the production of solar cells and innovative silicone solutions for the production of solar modules, WACKER can offer the solar industry a product portfolio covering the entire solar supply chain that is fit for the future. WACKER offers silicone-based solutions and pyrogenic silica for use in wind farms and hydroelectric power plants to encapsulate, bond and seal sensitive components, to cool and insulate transformers, and to make the most stable composites and control their rheology.