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PLA Applications

Polylactic acid (PLA) is currently the most widespread renewable biopolyester. Its good physical and mechanical properties make PLA an ideal substitute for petroleum-based thermoplastics.

VINNEX® is exceptionally compatible with PLA and greatly enhances its property profile. Depending on the VINNEX® content and grade, impact strength and melt strength can be increased. In addition, VINNEX® makes it possible to manufacture high-performance polymer blends of PLA, other biopolyesters and starch together with organic and inorganic fillers.

VINNEX® resins are particularly suitable for blown film extrusion and injection molding applications – both processing and mechanical properties are greatly enhanced when the co-binder is added. It is thus possible to make highly transparent PLA films with good heat sealing properties and a reduced “metallic” crackling. They are ideal for use in applications such as display and shrink films in the food industry. The contact-adhesive properties of VINNEX® also enable the use of PLA in extrusion paper coatings and hot-melt adhesives.

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