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Non-Impact Printing

Non-impact printing (copiers, laser printers) competes against conventional printing processes and constitutes the best alternative for printing on demand and small print runs. The focus is on full-color and digital printing.

In the electrophotographic process, an electrical image of the original is created on the photoconductive drum and covered with toner particles. When the copier paper passes over the photoconductive drum, the toner is transferred to it. WACKER HDK® pyrogenic silica ensures that the toner is transferred uniformly and perfectly accurately.

To permanently affix the toner, the paper passes through a fuser unit, which usually comprises two rolls coated with silicone rubber: the fuser roll and the pressure roll. Silicones are used in various degrees of hardness to ensure a sufficiently large contact area (at the nip) and a defined period of contact between the toner and the fuser unit.

The toner powder is heated to temperatures of over 120 °C until it sinters. In this flowable condition, it then penetrates the top layer of the paper. When it has cooled, the toner is permanently affixed to the paper.


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