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Pharma Industry

WACKER provides a comprehensive range of complex organic intermediates, organosilanes, chiral molecules (building blocks), cyclodextrins and cysteines, as well as a variety of chemical feedstocks and silicones. WACKER products open up challenging, innovative applications, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. CAVAMAX® cyclodextrins and CAVASOL® cyclodextrin derivatives are used for the controlled dispensing of pharmaceutical actives.

Various pharmaceuticals – such as antiflatulents – and medical products would not be feasible without SILFAR® simethicones and dimethicones. For optimized tablet manufacture, HDK® pyrogenic silicas have a proven track record as flow enhancers.

Specified WACKER products conform to the legal regulations, such as the monographs of the European Pharmacopeia (EP) or the US Pharmacopeia (USP/NF).

Supplementary to our existing product range, we also offer recombinant proteins (biologics). Our fully integrated contract development and manufacturing, as well as analytical services, for both clinical test specimens and market supply, are also available.

WACKER upholds the principle of Responsible Care. We have therefore compiled the WACKER healthcare guidelines for you. They show you which applications WACKER supports in this area.

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WACKER Healthcare Guidelines

WACKER is committed to responsible care. Therefore we have compiled for you the WACKER Healthcare Guidelines. These show you which applications are attended by WACKER.