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WACKER silicone antifoam compounds and emulsions are used as effective processing auxiliaries for foam control in fermentation and for foam regulation in biogas and water-treatment plants.

CAVAMAX® cyclodextrins and CAVASOL® cyclodextrin derivatives are ideal for absorbing and isolating the actives produced during fermentation. WACKER has developed a completely new manufacturing process for these challenging biotech products. CAVAMAX® and CAVASOL® products also effectively stabilize the guest molecules, increase their solubility as well as receiving and selectively releasing them. The innovative product lines are now also successfully used in bioremediation processes for dissolving organic pollutants.

Another example of cutting-edge technology from our labs is cysteine. Produced by WACKER in a novel, patented fermentation process, this multifunctional feedstock opens up a wide range of applications, for example as a component of fermentation liquors.

Based on this or other raw materials, our applications lab will be glad to help you optimize your existing products or develop a novel product perfectly tailored to your needs. On demand, our applications technology will also produce recombinant pharmaceutical proteins for you.

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