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Technical & regulatory support

Applications Labs

Our technical managers work closely with you, dealing with specific questions from the field. Worldwide, we offer assistance by finding the optimum product for your specific requirements and by supporting your product development from material selection through to industrial production. The labs’ primary focus is medical technology: they therefore have outstanding expertise for applications in this field.

Technical Centers

We maintain technical centers in all key regions to proactively assist you in any technical matters, from adjusting formulations, to meeting individual requirements, to testing the properties of rubber compounds and cured material. The technical centers are equipped to perform all relevant analyses, lab tests and trials for you according to international and local standards and regulations.

Besides our local experts, you can also draw on our network of international knowledge based on over 50 years of market experience. For example, our pilot plant in Burghausen forms the interface between product and processing expertise. It is equipped with a lab and test facilities, as well as production units (extrusion and injection molding) for HTV and LSR silicone rubber, including 2k molding.

At our pilot plant, we put our SILPURAN® product series through a range of practical tests as part of their development, testing, modification and optimization. At the same time, we offer extensive advice at every step in the supply chain, and put our pilot plant and all the necessary tools at your disposal. Or we work at your premises on your production plant.

Regulatory Support

To ensure product safety, we of course offer you regulatory support. Our experts will deal with your enquiries concerning environmental, health and regulatory matters. They may cover, for example, the following topics:

  • Suitability for contact with food products (e.g. BfR, FDA)
  • Pharmaceutical and medical applications (e.g. European Pharmacopeia and U.S. Pharmacopeia USP)
  • National and international directives and regulations (e.g. EU Directive 2002/95 EU–RoHS, REACH)
  • Specific customer requirements (e.g. banned substance and substances avoidance lists)
  • Toxicology and ecotoxicology
  • Risk assessment


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