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Application of Soluble Dietary Fiber

Dietary Fiber – an Important Part of a Healthy Diet:

Dietitians recommend a daily consumption of 25 to 30 g dietary fiber. In fact, most people in western industrial countries eat much less than that. The addition of dietary fiber in foods is therefore increasingly important, yet poses problems such as poor solubility and discoloration of food products. WACKER has the solution: our alphadextrin CAVAMAX® W6 grade is an indigestible and yet completely fermentable and soluble dietary fiber that can be added as a dietary supplement to beverages, for example. The cyclodextrin solution is haze-free, colorless and odorless, with low viscosity, neutral taste, and low viscosity. CAVAMAX® W6 itself is thermally stable even under acidic conditions and does not cause discoloration (browning) even in complex food systems.

Dietary fiber with approved health claim:

Moreover, it has been scientifically proven – and confirmed by an EU Commission Decision – that CAVAMAX® W6 can have a significant effect on lowering blood sugar levels after meals containing starch. Clinical studies have shown that consumption of CAVAMAX® W6 contributes to the reduction of the glycemic response following a starch-containing meal. By reducing blood glucose peaks after meals, CAVAMAX® W6 also contributes to blood vessel health. Further clinical studies confirm an additional positive effect of CAVAMAX® W6 on blood lipid values.


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