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WACKER's role is as a partner to the food industry. We understand our customers' needs and offer not only food ingredients, but also innovative solutions that respond to the food industry's urgent challenges. Moreover, we also develop specific, tailored solutions for our customers, geared to their individual concerns.

WACKER focuses primarily on the market segments beverages, chewing gum, dairy products, food supplements and savory flavors. To serve these markets properly, we have set up specialized food labs in the U.S. and Germany.

In addition, WACKER has a global sales organization and a network of distributors, giving us a presence in all important economic regions and growth markets.

WACKER is committed to only manufacturing top-quality product, conforming to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, Food cGMP (USA), kosher and halal standards.

We have compiled more information about our range of solutions and product-specific applica-tions below:

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Specific solutions for the food industry

Choose products and applications from our product portfolio according to your individual needs and requirements.

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Production according to your needs

In the production of the products, strict adherence to all applicable international standards takes top priority. At the same time, the individual order will be produced according to the strictest standards:

  • US regulations and registrations (FCC, FDA, GRAS approvals)
  • EU regulations and registrations (EU directives, novel food approvals)
  • Local regulations (German chewing gum ordinance)
  • Production standards (HACCP, cGMP)
  • specific food certifications (kosher, halal)