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Electro-active Polymers (EAP) with Silicone Film

Innovative stretch sensors with ELASTOSIL® FILM

ELASTOSIL® Film is a completely novel development from WACKER. This ultrathin, high-precision film of crosslinked silicone rubber is available in various thicknesses of 20 μm to 400 μm as roll stock and is manufactured under cleanroom condition entirely without solvents. The technology is currently being developed to market maturity as part of a joint project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

ELASTOSIL® silicone film is ideal for use as a dielectric precision layer in innovative, future-oriented electronics applications based on so-called EAPs (electroactive polymers) – such as actuators, generators and smart sensors. They can be used, for example, to develop power plants that derive energy from ocean waves.

Thanks to its typical silicone properties, the film can also be used in gas separation and various other industrial applications.

Ultra-thin stretch and pressure sensors based on ELASTOSIL® Film measure capacitance changes and can capture even complex body movements in intelligent garments.

Stacked layers of ELASTOSIL® Film and flexible electrode material act as light weight and energy saving actuators, converting electrical energy to mechanical work. Applications fields include: Valves, pumps, relays, artificial muscles, grippers and sound systems.

ELASTOSIL® Film based generator devices can convert mechanical energy, like for example tidal movement far out in the sea, into electrical energy and create electricity in an environmental friendly way.