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Scientific Corner – Household Care & Tissue

Progress can be defined as an improvement in the quality of our lives. Quality of life is achieved when everyday life is made easier. And in this respect household products which not only perform well but which also save time are at the top of the consumer's wish list. Whether fabric care, surface care or anti-foam – WACKER's household care products make it easy for the manufacturers to fulfill consumer wishes and serve trends in line with market needs.

The WACKER® FC and HC ranges and SILFOAM® antifoam agent portfolio offer highly versatile solutions in the form of innovative silicone products which can be used to formulate highly efficient detergents, softeners and polishes, and to manufacture premium tissue products as well as process-optimized foam control systems. In comparison with organic systems, our silicone-based solutions for household care often exhibit surprisingly varied effects. Combined with conventional organic products they offer an environmentally sound and cost-efficient alternative.

But how do silicone additives actually work in textiles, or in combination with wood, metal, plastics and other surfaces? Which applications are they best suited for? What functional effects can they achieve? What does “foam control” mean exactly?

You can find the answers to these and many other questions in our Scientific Corner – Household Care. If you would like more information, please contact one of our specialists.