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Optimal Solutions with Superior Cost/Benefit Advantages

Whether for gluing wood for furniture, veneer, wood flooring, doors and windows or for laminating wood with films and coated paper – dispersions featuring an extraordinary range of properties are used for a functional end product. This is exactly the right requirements profile for the high-quality polymer binders of our VINNAPAS® line.

These low-odor and low-emission dispersions are ideal for environmentally-compatible and long-term durable adhesive applications. After developing polyvinyl acetate waterproof dispersion technology some 75 years ago, WACKER labs have been continually optimizing it ever since. Today, we offer a diverse product portfolio with superior cost/benefit advantages for the formulation of tailored wood adhesives and industrial wood-processing adhesives.

The various dispersions’ water-resistance levels are adjusted to exactly match materials’ specific application areas. Thus, for example, our new VINNAPAS® DPX 271 dispersion – as an efficient and low-formaldehyde binder – enables the discoloration-free bonding of sensitive types of wood.


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Viscosity, dynamic
GENIOSIL® XM 20 Assembly / Windows&DoorsSilanes, Organofunctional
GENIOSIL® XM 25 Assembly / Windows&DoorsSilanes, Organofunctional
GENIOSIL® XT 50 Assembly / Windows&DoorsSilanes, Organofunctional
GENIOSIL® XT 55 Assembly / Windows&DoorsSilanes, Organofunctional1200 mPa.s