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Tiled Walls

Long-lasting, Esthetic and Modern

The Cost-Effective Way to Lay Tiles: Use High-Precision Adhesives and Grouts

Modern thin-bed tiling methods require adhesives carefully matched to tiles and substrates. Especially in the case of critical materials such as natural-stone and composite-stone surfaces, large tiles and densely sintered porcelain stoneware, there is potential weakness between the tile and its substrate. VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powders and dispersions from WACKER eliminate this weakness. They offer not only enhanced adhesion, but also high flexibility, optimum ease of processing and a prolonged open time. VINNAPAS® T (thixotropic) class polymer powders, in particular, permit the formulation of highly non-slump tile adhesives and thus enable large-format wall tiles to be laid cost-effectively as well, since they are prevented from slipping.

Stress arising from temperature changes, shrinkage of construction materials or vibrations and shocks is compensated by flexible grouts and joint sealants acting as connection and expansion joints.

What is more, the grouts hydrophobically modified with VINNAPAS® H and our ELASTOSIL® joint sealants afford walls effective protection from damp.

There is also the option of adding a CAVAMAX®/CAVASOL® fragrance complex to your your aqueous polymer-dispersion-based grout. A cyclodextrin (CAVAMAX®/CAVASOL®) encapsulates an essential oil and protects it from evaporation and oxidation. The fragrance is then released from this molecular inclusion complex under the action of moisture – and your grout boasts an additional feature.


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CAVAMAX® W7 Grouts; Troweling Compounds; DEL_Plasters, Dispersion-basedCyclodextrinsNative cyclodextrin
CAVAMAX® W7 CITRAL-COMPLEX Grouts; Troweling Compounds; DEL_Plasters, Dispersion-basedCyclodextrinsCyclodextrin complex
SILRES® BS 30 CoatingsSilicone Resins Water-repellent agent
SILRES® BS 30A CoatingsSilicone Resins Water-repellent agent
SILRES® POWDER D Grouts; Troweling Compounds; DEL_Plasters, Dispersion-basedSilanesWater-repellent additiveHydropobic
VINNAPAS® 5044 N (GER) Sealing SlurriesBindersNeutral