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Heavy Clay Ceramics

Clinker bricks, roof tiles and glazed or unglazed floor tiles have two things in common: they have an unmistakably classic appearance, yet their pore structure makes them vulnerable to unsightly efflorescence, moss, lichen, algae and dirt. This, in combination with moisture, destroys the material’s structure. Treatment with a silicone impregnation agent based on SILRES® BS that renders the pores water-repellent provides effective relief. The product reacts with atmospheric carbon dioxide and creates a three-dimensional silicone-resin network in the mineral material surface or coating. This network is highly water-repellent and permanently chemically bound to the substrate. As a result, water simply rolls off the surface – similar to the beading effect in nature – while water vapor can escape unhindered. This allows any damp areas to dry out and, at the same time, optimizes the construction material’s thermal insulation properties. The silicone impregnation agent can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing.


  • Highly water-repellent silicone-resin network
  • Water-vapor permeability
  • Beading behavior repels dirt and prevents unsightly salt efflorescence
  • Easy to use and process
  • Retarded algal growth
  • Prolonged material durability


  • Roof tiles
  • Facing bricks
  • Floor tiles
  • Flower pots


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