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Road & Bridge Construction

Effective Impregnation Opens Up Long-Term Prospects

Concrete and reinforced concrete are building materials that have revolutionized construction techniques over recent decades. Concrete's cost-efficiency and durability have made it indispensable – especially in infrastructure projects. Despite concrete's tremendous durability, however, it does get damaged frequently.

The main cause of concrete damage is environmental corrosion of the reinforcing steel. Water, in particular, is the natural enemy of mineral construction materials such as concrete. Moisture ingress combined with harmful chemicals, such as road salt, causes continuous, major damage to these structures.

The most efficient form of concrete protection is prevention of moisture ingress. The SILRES® BS product line prevents water uptake by providing construction materials with an effective and permanent impregnation, thus increasing the useful life of the infrastructure and the intervals between renovations. Our experts look forward to collaborating with you on finding the right solution to your specific needs.


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