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Parquet Flooring

Perfect Adhesion for Parquet Adhesives

Parquet floors are hardwearing surfaces with a natural flair and attractive appearance. Choosing the correct wood floor adhesives is essential to achieve these characteristics. Wood floor adhesives based on GENIOSIL® STP-E technology have excellent adhesive properties, yet any residual adhesive can be easily removed. Characterized by quick crosslinking and rapid full curing, STP-E based adhesives offer also easy processing and good spreading coupled with outstanding peak formation. Furthermore, being free of solvent and isocyanate, they are environmentally-friendly.

Wood floor adhesives formulated with VINNAPAS® products are very easy to process and stand out due to their very good adhesive and cohesive properties. While VINNAPAS® solid resins are effective in solvent-based wood floor adhesives, the water-based VINNAPAS® dispersions particularly excel when used in aqueous wood floor adhesives. VINNAPAS® dispersions are suitable for the formulation of EC1-compliant wood floor adhesives – and film-forming aids can be dispensed with when combining vinyl acetate homopolymer and vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer dispersions. Suitable for many different types of wood and substrates, wood floor adhesives formulated with VINNAPAS® and GENIOSIL® STP-E produce perfect, stable long-term bonds.


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VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions for flooring applications support our customers to comply with regulations and labels such as EMICODE®.

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Products Application
Product Group
ViscosityViscosity, dynamic
GENIOSIL® STP-E10 Parquet AdhesivesAdhesive & sealants, silane.modified polymersgood processability; rapid cureapprox. 10000 mPa.s
VINNAPAS® UW 2 FS Parquet AdhesivesPolyvinyl AcetatesBonding force / cohesion