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Sodium chloride, or common salt, has always been one of the most important raw materials, and supports a wide range of applications both in industry and everyday life.

WACKER’s salt mine in Stetten produces some 500,000 metric tons of sodium chloride a year for processing into chemical salt, road salt, commercial and industrial salt and animal-feed salt as well as salt licks and sodium-chloride brines. Experienced mining specialists employing the latest mining technology ensure that the salt is extracted in an environmentally sound manner, and properly dressed and stored. We operate lean distribution structures and optimized logistics processes to guarantee that the salt is delivered rapidly and reliably directly to our customers.

WACKER rock salt from Stetten is extremely useful:

  • Road Salt keeps roads clear of snow and ice and so helps the Road Services run by municipalities and communities to meet their road-safety obligations in winter, both economically and with little detriment to the environment. WACKER rock salt is available in various grain sizes and meets the requirements of the German technical regulation on gritting agents for winter road maintenance.
  • Industrial Salt is used in industrial processes, such as chlorine synthesis. Thanks to its very high sodium chloride content and relatively low moisture content, it is perfect for all kinds of processes. Individual properties can be customized, e.g. the moisture content.
  • Commercial Salt supports all kinds of commercial applications: it is a general water softener which is also used in dyeing and leather processing, and is employed in the metal industry for producing high-grade surfaces.
  • Natural Salt Licks are a natural source of essential minerals and trace elements for various animals. Natural salt licks are taken directly from the mine and, because of their good weathering resistance, frequently used outdoors.
  • Sodium Chloride Brine is spread along with wet salt on roads in the winter and is also essential to numerous industrial processes, e.g. in the textile industry.


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