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Disposal of Mineral Waste in Stetten Salt Mine

Not only is salt mined in Stetten, but suitable mineral waste has been used for backfilling there since 1997. Backfilling the extensive network of empty chambers accumulating from 150 years of mining ensures that the mine remains safe in the long term.

Every material received for backfilling is scrutinized and individually analyzed at the mine. A handling facility above ground can cope with 40,000 metric tons a year. It ensures that backfill material is safely transferred from trains and trucks to our specialized vehicles for onward transport underground. In the summer of 2008, another route into the mine will be opened for access by normal road vehicles. This will make handling of deliveries much easier in the future. From then on, the over-ground facility will only be needed for the deliveries by rail, which is the preferred means of transport.

Thus, the Stetten salt mine provides municipalities and businesses alike with sustainable solutions for safely disposing of mineral waste in a non-polluting manner. As Stetten is the southernmost backfilling mine in Germany, it conveniently shortens transport routes from the neighboring countries of France, Austria, Switzerland and northern Italy.


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