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Spark-Plug Boots

The excellent insulation properties of silicone effectively prevent unwanted leakage currents and high voltage breakdowns in spark plug boots. Not even permanent exposure to 150 °C can shorten the lifetime of a silicone spark plug boot.


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Physicochemical property
Mechanical property
ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/60 A/B LSRAddition-curingBalancedStandard
ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/70 A/B LSRAddition-curingBalancedStandard
ELASTOSIL® LR 3094/60 A/B LSRAddition-curingHeat-resistantLow compression set
ELASTOSIL® R 401/50 HTVPeroxidicVersatileStandard
ELASTOSIL® R 401/60 HTVPeroxidicVersatileStandard
ELASTOSIL® R 401/70 HTVPeroxidicVersatileStandard
ELASTOSIL® R plus 4001/60 HTVPlatinum-catalyzedVersatileStandard
ELASTOSIL® R plus 4001/70 HTVPlatinum-catalyzedVersatileStandard