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Winding Impregnation

Hybrid engines’ state-of-the-art, energy-saving technology is impressive. For reliable drive power, the sensitive electrical system components require effective protection against moisture, dirt and temperature fluctuations. WACKER has specially developed the high-performance silicone resin SILRES® H62 C for the winding impregnation of electric motors. Applied by dipping, it permanently protects the windings while eliminating voids. This optimizes heat dissipation and electrical insulation.

For sealing the control unit and encapsulating the shift ring, products from the SEMICOSIL® and ELASTOSIL® RT ranges are particularly recommended.

Further information “Electrical control devices --> sensors”


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SILRES® H62 C Silicone Resins Addition-curingHeat-curing; solvent-freeThermal conductivity; high strength