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For the radiator to remain in perfect working order over a long time, the overriding requirement is that the system remains absolutely leakproof. Special attention is paid to the connectors between the many individual parts, such as radiator tanks, radiator pipes, radiator covers, inlet and outlet. RTV-1 silicone rubbers have proven to be ideal for leakproof sealing of radiators straight after manufacture. Both the air-side and part of the water-side coating of the cooler floors are sprayed with RTV-1 silicones.

Silicone elastomers also make effective screen-printing and coating materials. In these cases, for example, soft-seals are treated with an impregnating agent to reduce their pore volume. Highly stressed surfaces are then screen printed with silicone rubber and the whole seal is coated with a topcoat.


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Product Type
Physicochemical property
Mechanical property
ELASTOSIL® A316 CoatingsSealants & RTV-1Amine-curingflowable; containing solventBalanced
ELASTOSIL® E303 CoatingsSealants & RTV-1Acetic-curingflowable; containing solventBalanced
ELASTOSIL® LR 6239 F CoatingsLSRAddition-curingStandardBalanced
ELASTOSIL® LR 6250 F CoatingsLSRAddition-curing
ELASTOSIL® N291 Coatings; cylinder head gasketSealants & RTV-1Oxime-curingThixotropicBalanced
ELASTOSIL® N294 Coatings; cylinder head gasketSealants & RTV-1Oxime-curingThixotropicBalanced
ELASTOSIL® R 6225 cylinder head gasketRTV-2Addition-curingStandardBalanced
ELASTOSIL® R 6550 cylinder head gasketRTV-2Addition-curingStandardBalanced
ELASTOSIL® RT 685 A/B CoatingsRTV-2Addition-curingStandardBalanced
HDK® H20RH Pyrogenic SilicaHydrophobic
HDK® H30RM Pyrogenic SilicaHydrophobic
HDK® H30RY Pyrogenic Silica