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Dry-Type Gaskets

Cured-In-Place Gaskets (CIPGs)

If flexibility and ease of disassembly are what you need, you simply must use WACKER silicone sealants. RTV-1 and RTV-2 silicone sealants are noted for their excellent adhesion to composite parts. They stay firmly in place until assembly without fixing and allow simple groove designs. WACKER silicone sealants minimize material and production costs because they are economical in application.


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Product Type
Mechanical property
Mechanical property
ELASTOSIL® E4 Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Acetic-curingNon-sagBalanced
ELASTOSIL® RT 713 Bonding & SealingRTV-2Addition-curingOne-part; low density; Heat-curingCompressible
ELASTOSIL® RT 721 A/B Bonding & SealingRTV-2Addition-curingHeat-curing; Self-adhesiveBalanced
ELASTOSIL® RT 728 A/B Bonding & SealingRTV-2Addition-curingHeat-curing; Self-adhesiveBalanced
ELASTOSIL® SC 835 A/B Bonding & SealingRTV-2Addition-curinglow densityCompressible
ELASTOSIL® SC 870 A/B Bonding & SealingRTV-2Addition-curinglow densityCompressible