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Wood & Furniture

With its VINNAPAS® dispersions WACKER offers a broad range of environmentally-friendly products for wood and furniture adhesives. These products are characterized by a variety of outstanding properties crucial for good end-use performance, including excellent water and heat resistance, and high tensile strength. Other features include high tack, fast setting speed, high solids and an optimal balance of adhesion/cohesion for wood and related substrates. All in all, VINNAPAS® dispersions represent to high-performance solutions for wood glues, EPI systems and adhesives used in the wet lamination of chipboard, MDF and solid wood substrates to foils, veneers and resin impregnated papers.

GENIOSIL® XB is an innovation in the field of wood adhesives. The silane-modified polymer allows adhesives to be formulated with hardnesses in the Shore D range. Thanks to its low viscosity, it can be easily formulated without plasticizers or solvents, and crosslinks without isocyanate. The adhesive product has an excellent bonding profile - both to conventional types of wood, such as beech, and to exotic woods.


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Setting the benchmark for wood glue – once again.

VINNAPAS® DPX 271 is an ultra-low-formaldehyde PVAc binder for the crosslinker-free formulation of one-component D3 wood glues.