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Social recruitment:

Want to be inspired and realize your own ideas? Want to look into the future and make your own plans? Then WACKER is your choice! We can provide you with interesting work and long-term career development.

When you join the WACKER team – whether you are a chemist, an engineer or an IT specialist – you will benefit from our strategic goal setting, a performance-oriented organizational structure and an innovative system which can only be found in a global organization.


An integral member of the team, flexible and in synch with the global economy. We have high hopes for our chemists and we help them to achieve more. They join in the process to help WACKER reach its strategic market objectives.

If you join our chemist team, what rewards can you expect?

We encourage you to break through the traditional way of thinking in your work and to dedicate yourself whole-heartedly to realize your ideas. The key fields at WACKER are: research and development , production, applications engineering, analysis, environmental protection and industrial property law. We also have lots of other career opportunities in fields such as marketing, production management, control, production planning and project planning, etc.


No matter what position you are currently holding in WACKER, our longstanding personnel system allows for both internal deployment of employees and job rotation, giving our engineers a major opportunity for career development.

In any case, we expect our team members to possess good negotiation skills, interdisciplinary knowledge and high efficiency. For example, as a factory engineer, you can constantly improve the technical performance, reliability, and safety of the factory, in short, to shoulder responsibility and lead the management or operation team.

As a development engineer, your challenge is to implement your ideas, your research and collective intelligence into production in order to optimize production technology.

Environmental compatibility, industrial safety and efficiency are the core responsibilities of project engineers. They work in close coordination with other engineers to plan and build the processing factory together.

Experienced and knowledgeable engineers are always in high demands at WACKER, to monitor the internal production process, and to assist in the optimizing of production and quality assurance.

In addition, our engineers play a vital role in promoting and optimizing factory operation.

IT Specialists

Design, develop, plan, coordinate, manage and assure quality.

Applying creativity and specialized skills to the above work structure, our IT specialists overcome all kinds of technical obstacles in the IT field. As a member of our IT team, you will be responsible for the technical and organizational needs of our system domain.

Job requirements include the following:

Designing and providing IT infrastructure and application framework; coordinating basic business; developing software and hardware standards and web-based application standards; evaluating trends in IT development.

If you meet the qualifications and one of the above requirements, feel free to contact us so that we may become better acquainted.

Campus Recruitment

Sun Zi’s the Art of War says: “Know others and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.”

How to recognize one’s strong points and weak points before graduation? How to start thinking about career development, direction and life orientation?

A WACKER internship can help put your knowledge into practice by elevating your knowledge and skill level as well as offering a rich social experience in a diversified cultural environment. An internship also provides a platform for you to communicate with seasoned professionals, while helping you to tackle doubts and confusion about your career path.

We are recruiting for the following position: Chemistry Lab Intern

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