"WACKER HELP", a charity organization sponsored by both WACKER GC employees and the company, was established in early 2005.

Main Role

Set up a platform for WACKER GC employees who want to offer their contributions to the society, initiate charity activities and encourage the employees to join. Main direction is to promote education in the underprivileged area and initiating social commonweal activities in other fields

What did WACKER HELP do?

Main projects initiated in the past years:

  • Donation of RMB 220,000 for emergency aid right after “5.18” earthquake in Sichuan Province in 2008
  • Sponsor for rebuilt of “Fujia Village WACKER Primary School” in Zhongjiang County, Deyang, Sichuan Province in 2009
  • Launch of an education grant program for poor students in “Fujia Village WACKER Primary School” as of 2011
  • Launch of hot lunch project in “Fujia Village WACKER Primary School” as of 2012
  • Donation of 17 “WACKER HELP LIBRARY”, in which 12 in Anhui Province, 4 in Guangdong Province and 1 in “Fujia Village WACKER Primary School”. Additional, 1 “WACKER HELP MUSIC ROOM” in Guangdong.

“Wacker Help" Photo Gallery

  • Donating books and computers at Qimen in Anhui Province
  • The first "Wacker Help Library" opens for business!
  • So precious
  • "A book holds a house of gold"
  • Caring for those with leukemia is the duty of every person at Wacker
  • Charity Sale (1) – Caring donation
  • Charity Sale(2) – Sugar painting artist
  • More and more "Wacker Help Libraries"
  • Just like going back to childhood
  • Wacker staff look into the problem of kitchen hygiene management with teachers at Fujia Village Primary School
  • The Wacker library has been a big success with the pupils
  • Wacker company employees donation ceremony and symposium, 2012
  • Exercise time for the children
  • Please allow me to say...
  • Wacker staff pose together with their sponsored pupils
  • Handing out candies to the kids!
  • A warm welcome home for Wacker staff
  • The children bid a reluctant farewell to their new friends from Wacker
  • Watching the kids eating a hot lunch is the best reward.
  • Wacker staff can't hide their smiles as the children tuck into a hot lunch.
  • Looking good, courtesy of Wacker!
  • Look! The pupils line up for a hot lunch
  • Look! An adorable young student reading her textbook
  • The students' parents receive their donation envelopes
  • take photo with Wacker Aunt
  • take photo with Wacker Uncle
  • Children are playing game happily
  • new classroom built by Wacker Greater China
  • old dictionary sharing with pupils
  • Fujia Village Wacker Primary School standing around the beautiful mountain


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