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Reference Projects

Over the past two decades, profound changes have taken place in China. WACKER is deeply honored to be a part of this change, and to have the opportunity to influence and improve people’s lives.

With the rampant spread of moss and mold on the concreted main columns of the Tsing Ma Bridge, something special was needed to restore the fair-faced appearance of the concrete. In consideration of the effectiveness and durability of the treatment, stringent tests were conducted before selecting the silane-based water repellent SILRES® BS CRÈME C. Since application of the product began in 2000, the bridge's concrete columns have throughout retained their original attractive exterior.

The grandstands of the National Stadium are fitted with 14,700 slabs of concrete. Because of the destructive effects and tiny surface cracks generated by rainwater and other harmful substances, the National Stadium was in desperate need of protection for this fair-faced concrete. Silane-based concrete protective agents supplied by WACKER Chemie have been used for surface immersion treatment since 2006, enhancing the durability of the concrete and keeping it clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Every aisle and walkway in the stadium utilizes self-leveling flooring modified with WACKER's VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powder, providing adhesion that combats erosion from adverse climate conditions.

At the same time, the construction of the National Stadium and supporting infrastructure also made use of the WACKER POWERSIL® silicone rubber series, ideal for boosting safety by insulating power lines within the facility.

For protection against the elements and the impact of seasonal variation, WACKER's silicone waterproofing treatment was employed in the construction of the Puxi Section of the Shanghai Middle Ring Line. Since application began in 2006, those with a keen eye will notice that the concrete surfaces of the crash barriers and median strips look visibly different. The natural colored concrete here has been chemically treated to form a non-water absorbent structure.

The 200,000 sq m of fair-faced concrete needed for Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital International Airport is treated with a silicone resin coating based on WACKER Chemie's SILRES® BS, successfully protecting the interior concrete structures of the country's largest airport terminal against pollution and environmental damage.

Meanwhile, SILRES® HP silicone resin has been utilized as a binder and curing agent for decorative coatings, giving the metallic orange roofing more powerful resistance against UV rays, corrosion and chemicals.

VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powder was applied in the construction of the multi-story parking building and baggage hall, ensuring the floor mortar has sufficient adhesion not to crack during the hardening process.

What's more, help from WACKER's POWERSIL® silicone rubber series made sure that the power lines in Terminal 3 were properly insulated, enhancing safety.

The building of Xi'an's Bell Tower was ordered by the Ming Emperor Taizu to ward off the "spirit of dragons". WACKER's SILRES BS® masonry additive not only protects the tower from the trials of the weather, it also helps retain its historical visage.

The fairytale buildings seen in Hong Kong's Disneyland all utilize colored veneer mortar modified with WACKER VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powder, providing a safe, colorful and eco-friendly fantasy park for children from all over the world.

The "passive house" design of the Hamburg House in the 2010 Shanghai Expo exemplifies the growth of Shanghai and the building of sustainable and energy-saving architecture. WACKER donated a series of sustainable building materials to the project, assisting the Hamburg House to reach the incredibly stringent environmental requirements imposed on its construction.

All the interior walls and ceiling surfaces were protectively treated with WACKER's SILRES® BS Crème C, enhancing the durability of concrete reinforced steel

The entire building was sealed with WACKER silicone sealant, to protect it from factors such as water vapor and microbes.

Ceramic adhesives and jointing mortar containing WACKER's VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powder were used in the laying of ceramic tiles, which both helped to reduce material consumption during construction and prolong the useful life of the building materials.

WACKER vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) dispersions made for an interior wall finish with an extremely low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC). While conforming to the highest environmental standards, the use of VAE in interior decoration also minimizes health hazards.



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