History - WACKER Greater China


WACKER Greater China milestones

1993 Sales office opens in Taipei and Hongkong
1995 Opening of sales offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou
1998 New sales offices in Beijing and Hsinchu
2000 The first regional technical center is set up in Shanghai
Shanghai Technical Center
2003 Regional headquarters moved from Hong Kong to Shanghai
2004 WACKER started silicone emulsion production in Shanghai
2005 PVAc production begins in Wuxi
Launch of dispersible polymer powders production plant in Zhangjiagang
Launch of joint venture with Dymatic Chemical Inc.
2006 Start up of Silicone downstream production in Zhangjiagang (silicone elastomer & sealants)
Zhangjiagang Site
2008 Start of silicone emulsion and pyrogenic silica production in Zhangjiagang
2009 Start of dispersible powder and vinyl acetate ethylene dispersion production in Nanjing
Nanjing Site
2010 Launch of silicone polymers and fluids production plant in Zhangjiagang
Opening of new sales office in Chengdu
Inauguration of siloxane production plant (joint venture with partner) in Zhangjiagang
2011 Established R&D departments in Greater China
2012 Opening of new Wacker Shanghai Center
2015 Commissioning of Polyvinyl Acetate Plant at Nanjing
2019 WACKER Shanghai Center Opens New Lab for Food Applications, and New Competence Center for Cement and Concrete Applications

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