Work-Life Balance - Wacker Chemie AG

Work-Life Balance

Life's journey can follow a straight line, or it can meander: what's important to us is how you respond. At WACKER we are committed to helping employees balance their careers and private lives successfully. Our modern work-time systems are extremely flexible and offer you considerable individual leeway. We have a wide range of flexi-time models, even including a self-regulated system based on trust. Wherever possible, we offer both full-time and part-time jobs. In individual cases, WACKER offers employees a mobile office option, also as a part-time model, and authorizes unpaid leave for urgent private matters and sabbaticals.

Another key aspect of WACKER’s HR policy is balancing family life with work. A range of different working-time models are available to accommodate the different phases in our employees' lives. WACKER was one of the first signatories of the “Family as a Success Factor” business network’s joint declaration, which was based on an initiative launched by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs and the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

We support childcare and the return to work after parental leave. One example is the return-to-work workshop at the Burghausen site. Day care and after-school care facilities are available at the Wöhler-Kinderhaus, located very close to the plant. A local day-care center offers a fixed number of day-care slots to employees at the Siltronic site in Freiberg, Saxony. At the Munich site, pme Familienservice GmbH helps employees find kindergarten and preschool places.

At WACKER, you too can balance work and family. We will support you, whatever your plans are.