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WACKER’s PostDoc Program in the USA

Our world needs ideas! As one of the world’s most research-intensive chemical companies, we have been developing leading solutions for numerous sectors – from construction to photovoltaics and cosmetics to rubber – for over 100 years. We have a global presence with production sites on three continents and 17,000 employees from 70 nations.

Are you currently completing your doctoral thesis in biology/biotechnology? Would a postdoc position in the USA with an application-driven topic and connection to the chemical industry appeal to you? – WACKER can provide you with the opportunity of carrying out research as a postdoc at a US university.

In collaboration with the University of California in Davis and Prof. Peter Beal, we are currently looking for applicants interested in pursuing the following topic:

“The influence of naturally occurring modified nucleosides on insect RNAi”

Your Tasks:
Firstly, different siRNAs are synthesized with a modified nucleoside. The positions and the modified nucleoside used are varied in the siRNA sequence. The siRNA constructs are used to analyze the efficiency or specificity of the respective siRNAs as a function of the position and type of the modified nucleoside using RNAi in insect cells. This work aims at confirming the higher specificity of such siRNA variants demonstrated in human cells. In the long term, the work forms the basis for developing highly specific insecticides.

Two years with the option of extending for another year.

Your Profile:
A very good doctorate in biotechnology, biology, chemistry or biochemistry is a prerequisite. You should be able to work independently in a solution-oriented manner and enjoy working in a team, be creative and highly motivated.

The sponsor is our WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS business division that specializes in products and solutions for the food, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals markets. You would be employed by the University of California in Davis and supported by a professor there and a mentor from WACKER’s Corporate R&D.

During your time as a postdoc, you would work in basic research on current and exciting topics, build up a network with American institutes and additionally obtain an insight into industry from the perspective of an open-minded, globally active technology company and German family-owned business with traditional values.

The experiences you gain as a postdoc round out your education and make decisions for your future working life easier. Hence, various career opportunities, both at basic, industrial research institutes and in academia, open up to you. WACKER will support you accordingly in publishing your results.

Please address your application including all documents in English, specifying when you would be available for work, exclusively electronically to: postdoc@wacker.com. .

If the topic above does not appeal to you, but you would generally be interested in a postdoc position sponsored by WACKER, here is a list of further topics that are currently in the planning stage:

  • Protein production: enhanced production of recombinant proteins via strain manipulation, alternative expression systems or fermentation optimization.
  • Metabolic engineering: industrial production of metabolites for applications in the life sciences sector.
  • Agriculture: development of novel biopesticides or systems for enhancing the growth of plants.
  • Plant cell culture: manufacture of low-molecular compounds for applications in the life sciences sector.