Information Days for School Students
Your parents chose your school – but you can choose your profession yourself. It is extremely important to select an occupation in a sector which allows you to utilize your talents. To this end, WACKER offers students at all types of schools in the Burghausen area the opportunity to take part in a mostly one-week work experience at the Burghausen site.

WACKER’s Open House Days offer you insights into the commercial and technical aspects of an industrial enterprise.

Applications are handled by your teachers and the Altötting and Rottal-Inn educational authorities, and not by WACKER; it is not possible to submit an application directly to WACKER.

University Internships

If your field of studies is scientific, technical or commercial, you can gain practical work experience by completing your mandatory or voluntary internship(s) at WACKER. As an intern, you will receive training from experienced experts, plus compensation commensurate with your qualifications in the relevant fields and your academic progress. We may also be able to help you find accommodation.

If you are interested in applying, please apply for one of the topics listed or submit an unsolicited application in your particular field of study. Please provide:

  • a resumé
  • details of when you wish to work at WACKER (for voluntary work experience, the maximum time is 3 months)
  • information on examination regulations
  • copies of certificates, graduation or degrees obtained
  • information on any internships you have already completed

If based in Germany, please use our job application assistant and read our application tips once again before you start.

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Tel. +49 8677 83 -2734
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WACKER came out tops in a survey completed by 7,500 interns in the “Pharmaceutical/Medical Technology/Chemical” category.