Entry-Level Job at WACKER - Wacker Chemie AG

Entry-Level Job at WACKER

Do you want to develop and implement new ideas, envision and shape the future, manage information and take charge? Then WACKER is your best choice for stimulating work and long-term career prospects.

We are looking for colleagues who wish to enhance their development in every phase of life; who share our values and who would like to be part of a family.

WACKER employs staff from a variety of fields in its business divisions and corporate departments. For example; university and college graduates in

  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • IT
  • Law

WACKER also employs graduates with high grades in the following career sectors

  • Chemistry/physics
  • Metalworking
  • Electrical engineering
  • IT
  • Commercial occupations
  • Other manual occupations

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