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Questions & Answers

Submit your application online. For applications in the USA and Germany, use our job application assistant. If you don't have regular online access, read our advice listed under "Questions & Answers."

Your job application documents should refer to the position you're interested in. They should also be complete and informative. These documents include a cover letter or letter stating why you're interested in the position, as well as your resumé, qualifications/certificates and perhaps letters of reference. If you send us an unsolicited job application, please tell us your preferred work area and, if applicable, site location.

Our Application Assistant enables you to upload all necessary documents – either as separate files or combined in a single file (complete application documents).

What's more, you can use the assistant to enter your personal data in the form's fields. You yourself can change, replace or delete such data at any time.

Yes, you can apply for several positions at a time once you've been registered. But you can't apply for more than three positions at once. Carefully select the positions you apply for. You won't increase your chances by applying for as many jobs as possible. Take the opportunity to activate your job applicant profile. Thus, regardless of your present application or even if you are not successful with an application, your profile remains available.

If you've already registered and wish to reapply, use the "login for registered applicants" link.

After login, you can activate your job applicant profile anytime and also deactivate it again if you wish. To do this, go to the Candidate Cockpit and click on the "Change Profile Status" link. You have the option of activating or deactivating your job applicant profile before sending an application.

If you didn’t find a suitable position among our current job openings, please check our postings periodically. You can also Register and set up a job agent to automatically notify you when new positions of interest are posted.

If you have further questions about job applications, please contact our job applicant service .

Yes, your data will be treated in utmost confidence and is subject to data protection. We will only use your personal details to facilitate the application process. You can withdraw or delete your application anytime. You can also block your applicant profile or delete your entire registration whenever you want. You'll find further information in the data protection declaration .

You must register before you can submit your first job application. To do so, you will need a regularly used email address. Our job application assistant will then take you through the various stages, such as your name, address, prior education/training, questionnaire, attached documents, and transmission. You can enter your personal data and upload documents. Besides being able to modify or add to your profile at any time, you can also check the status of your application(s) or reapply.

Using our assistant is the best way to give us the information we need for reviewing your application.

If you reapply at a later date, you only need to adapt your cover letter so that it is relevant to the new position. Then upload it and, if necessary, update your profile.

Although job applications are handled electronically, one or more HR employees will be personally dealing with each application, which will be given due care and consideration and, of course, treated in confidence.

No, your application won't be filtered electronically in any way or even automatically declined. One or more HR employees will be personally dealing with each application, which will be given due care and consideration and, of course, treated in confidence. Using our assistant is the best way to give us the information we need for reviewing your application.

All conventional browsers, except Safari, Opera and Netscape:

  • Internet Explorer 5.50 and higher
  • Firefox Version 1.0 and higher
  • Mozilla Suite 1.7.5 and higher
  • Netscape Navigator 7.0 and higher (but Version 7.1 is not recommended)
  • Adobe FlashPlayer version 9.0.124 and higher

Don't block the use of cookies. These "cookie" files are deleted from your PC once you've stopped using the online application function. Please deactivate pop-up blockers, if applicable. You'll also need Acrobat Reader for certain documents.

You can also use a friend's PC/notebook or send your application from an internet café. Internet cafés usually allow you to scan documents.

Many providers, such as, and, will provide you will an email account free of charge.

You can get your documents scanned at a copyshop or internet café.

Once you've registered for the first time, your personal access data will be automatically sent to the email address that you have specified, regardless of whether you entered further data or have submitted a job application.

Please take sufficient time to fill in the online application assistant. Answer all questions fully and in detail. The mandatory fields are asterixed (*). If you've prepared yourself well, you should need about 20 - 30 minutes.

You will be well prepared and reduce the time it takes to enter your data if your documents are already available in file form. You can upload files in the following formats: .doc, .docx, .txt, .ppt, .pdf, .tif, .gif, .bmp, .jpg or .html. Maximum size of all files is 10MB. Unfortunately, we can't handle any file formats not listed here (including zip files).

When you send your application, confirmation of receipt will be automatically sent to your email address. Our HR and specialist staff will need some time to carefully review your application documents. As soon as we have reached a decision, we will contact you. So, please don't contact us until we've contacted you.

Please click on the link "Log Off" in the Candidate Cockpit.

Yes, you can access your application and personal profile after login anytime during or after the application phase and then check your application status, for example.

You can withdraw or delete your application anytime. But you can reapply for positions for which you have withdrawn or deleted previous applications. If you withdraw your application, your personal details will remain saved in our system, even if you are not hired.

Yes, you can. To do so, you must log on and specifically delete your data by checking out. The "delete all details" check-out function can be found on your individualized homepage. Please note that your details will be removed completely. You must re-enter all your information if you wish to register again. Pending applications cannot be considered once you have checked out or deleted your details. Along with deleting your details, you can also withdraw or delete just your job application.

You can email yourself a new password. The link for the "Forgotten password?" function is located on the login field for registered applicants. Enter your user name or email address to request a new password there. Don't register twice!

You can email yourself your user name. Use the link for the "Forgotten password?" function on the login field for registered applicants. Enter your email address to request a new password and your user name. Don't register twice!

The applicant pages are displayed in a pop-up window. Please remember not to block pop-up windows in your browser default settings.