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Sweet, but not sinful

Luscious, delicious and free from solid fats; a WACKER product derived from corn allows you to indulge with a clean conscience, because it replaces solid fats or eggs in baked goods. And what is more, it contains no allergens. Its name? Alpha-dextrin. Its secret? 100% plant-based.

Amid corn fields in Eddyville, Iowa, WACKER has produced alpha-, beta- and gamma-cyclodextrins since 1999. WACKER scientists in Adrian, Michigan, Burghausen, Germany and, since November 2016, Singapore, drive forward the research and development of these multi-faceted substances.

“Free from” products – such as hardened fats, cholesterol, gluten, lactose, eggs or allergen-free - are filling our supermarket shelves and this trend continues to rise in popularity. A substance that ticks most boxes on the healthy diet list is alpha-dextrin, produced by WACKER in Iowa. The water-soluble dietary fiber is derived from corn or potato starch.

Baked Goods With Healthy Vegetable Oils

A treat for healthy hearts: cholesterol-free fruit mousse without hardened fats – thanks to whipping aid alphadextrin.

Alpha-dextrin has fascinating properties. Food producers now have a healthy alternative for stabilizing oil-in-water emulsions. Bakeries can produce mouthwatering delicacies with healthy vegetable oils. For example, take cake icings and cream fillings. To date, they are typically made with solid or even hardened fats containing trans fats. Both substances can increase the risks of cardio-vascular deseases as it is already known from cholesterol. Together with alpha-dextrin, healthy vegetable oils can replace solid and hardened fats in cake icings and cream fillings, without compromising stability or taste.

100 Percent Vegetarian

People are increasingly replacing products containing animal ingredients in their diets – often dictated by allergies. But not everything that looks vegetarian is vegetarian. Even fruit desserts often contain animal ingredients such as gelatin. Plant-based alpha-dextrin offers food producers emulsifying and texturizing properties. Instead of using gelatin, egg or cream, fruit juices and purees can be whisked into creamy desserts with alpha-dextrin.

Astonishing: Turn fruit juice into a fluffy mousse – entirely without gelatin, whipping cream or egg.

Customized Products for Food Manufacturers

Do you need help in developing or improving formulations? Creating new products for customers in the food sector is always on the agenda at our food labs in Adrian, Michigan. Our food experts can tailor products to meet your requirements. This service is specifically for small and medium-sized companies with no R&D department of their own.

Allergen Free

Gluten, lactose and egg products rank among the most common allergy triggers. The good news is that WACKER alpha-dextrin contains none of the common allergens, making it a popular ingredient in foodstuffs for allergy sufferers. Its emulsifying and stabilizing properties make for example a light and non-dairy whipped topping.