Skin-care products have to make a good impression. Odor, color, consistency and feel on application are critical to success. Silicones from WACKER go a long way toward helping products make the grade. Silicones possess film-forming properties that make skin-care products spread more easily, enhance their water repellency and boost their acceptance through their unique velvety soft feel on the skin

For creams you can‘t keep your fingers off

Whether for moisturizing, nourishing or smoothing the skin, modern creams are expected to deliver on their promises, be straightforward to make, have a long shelf life and feel pleasant when applied. WACKER SILICONES has sophisticated products that help you to quickly meet these complex demands just the way the market wants. Take day creams, for example. We have low-viscosity silicone fluids that are quickly and completely absorbed – they simply vanish from sight. Or, for night creams, we recommend high-viscosity fluids that stay on the skin to form a water-vapor-permeable film that supports the build-up of moisture.

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For sun protection that puts others in the shade

Sunscreen products are evolving into a major market segment. Consumers have become sensitized in more ways than one. Effective UV protection, good spreadability and water resistance are key properties. Transparency, shimmer and sprayability are additional properties that provide an edge, season after season. WACKER SILICONES helps you to grow in tandem with this growing market.

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Conditioning for men who have earned it

A youthful countenance is becoming more important for men, too. Some 98% of men nowadays use conditioning products and 70% of 18 to 49 year olds are apparently more interested in facials than in computers. The men’s market is estimated to grow twice as fast as the women’s cosmetics market. One focus here is on the face because it is not protected by clothing.

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