Whatever’s in is beautiful. Decorative cosmetics are very much at the whim of fashiontrends. This increases the pressure on innovators. Trends have to be spotted early and acted on quickly. For that, you need partners as flexible as yourself. You’ll find these partners at WACKER SILICONES – along with the products that will get you faster to market readiness.

Products from WACKER SILICONES simplify formulations, facilitate processing and encourage innovations. From pleasant, conditioning make-up to kiss-proof lipstick through to mascara and eye-shadow. Our experts will help you to develop trendy products quickly and to optimize classics over time.

For foundations that make everyone look good

A perfect foundation is the basis of beauty. According to skin type, it might have to hide well or just slightly, be suitable for dry or greasy skin, or lighten or darken the complexion. But there are things it must always do. It must never dry out the skin, must not wear off and it must look natural. After all, the art of applying make-up is to make it look as if you’re not wearing any. To achieve this, you need additives that make the colored pigments spread evenly, have a conditioning effect and are long-lasting. WACKER SILICONES has these additives for you – along with the formulation expertise needed for developing compelling, innovative solutions for markets all the way from Asia to Europe.

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For lipsticks that need a weapons license

Lipsticks are one of the most popular weapons in a woman’s armory. It’s no surprise that these tiny high-tech products have to meet exacting demands. The perfect lipstick has a high melting point (55 – 65°C) so that it won’t melt in the heat (e.g. of a car’s glove compartment) and won’t run, and is firm enough to withstand pressure when applied. But it also has to be soft and easy to apply. And it must spread evenly and form a soft, attractive film.

This film should look intact, but must not be too thick or greasy, nor must it seep into the tiny creases around the mouth. Finally, the prevailing fashion will dictate whether the favorite lipstick will be glossy, matt, transparent, opacifying or brilliant. WACKER SILICONES helps you out here with its range of sophisticated products and wealth of formulation expertise, and by conducting test series in its own labs, to ensure you are optimally equipped for this exciting market.

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For eyes that say more than a thousand words

The area around the eyes is sensitive. And products used there must not cause irritation. This, too, is an argument in favor of using silicones in the cosmetics industry. The reason is that silicones are largely inert and so rank among those additives which are particularly gentle. Consequently, silicones can also unleash their potential in mascara, eye-liner pencils and eye-shadows.

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For nail polishes that accentuate the perfect look

Nail polish has been a basic beauty accessory for women across all strands of society. Regardless of its eye-catching nature, there is no hard and fast rule about the choice of nail polish. You can opt for any color, texture or finish you like. All the same, whether you have extra-long acrylic nails or short and natural ones, the key to a satisfying appearance is that your nail polish provides several performance benefits. A favorable nail polish should be easy to apply, have a short drying time, provide a glossy or matte finish with uniform coverage, be durable and have high split resistance. You can rely on WACKER SILICONES to provide the right additives that deliver these performance benefits, allowing you to focus on setting the trend for nail polish colors and textures.

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