Shiny, silky hair symbolizes health and youth. Hair-care products are an indispensable part of our daily lives. The same applies to styling products. Styled hair is the strongest way to express a contemporary fashion and social status.

Shampoos with a genuine advantage

Consumers judge shampoos initially by the “washing experience”. What feels good, must be good. Silicones from WACKER present you with numerous opportunities to modify formulations in such a way that washing alone is a sensual experience. Not only that, with WACKER products and know-how, you can impart additional effects to shampoos that can be detected in wet and dry hair.

For example, you can use different combinations of silicone fluids and particle sizes to regulate the affinity. WACKER offers fluids of different viscosities along with microemulsions and macroemulsions – so that regional product preferences can be catered for to the best possible extent.

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Conditioners with „wow“ effect

Lank hair needs additional care. BELSIL® dimethicones, dimethiconols, amino-functional silicones and silicone specialties turn your conditioners into caring professionals. BELSIL® silicones are available in a great variety of functionalities, viscosities and delivery forms and help you to develop highly specific conditioners with finely balanced effects.

At the same time, they easily master the challenges posed by conditioners, masks and other treatments. In conditioners, they protect the hair fibers and add a silky soft touch to the hair. In leave-on products, they are kind on the scalp and hair, and in special formulations, they help to protect hair against heat and support color protection.

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Styling products that offer both good hold and soft hand

No two hair styles are the same – and styling has become an intensely individualized affair. Women and men prefer a firm, natural hold, yet expect hair to feel pleasant and healthy. Until recently, such requirements inevitably led to a compromise.

The silicone hybrid polymer in BELSIL® P 1101 delights users resolving such contradictions: flexible silicone molecules for ensuring a soft, silky feel combined perfectly with organic polymers that provide a firm hold. And your hairspray gains many additional positive effects without impairing other beneficial properties.

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