Overview of Conditioning Effects

Silky Feel

The popular soft touch of silicones can be created with dimethicones, dimethiconols, amino-functional silicones and silicone specialties from WACKER SILICONES. These are readily and efficiently formulated into conditioners. The products are available in the form of emulsions, fluids and gum blends.

Better Combability

Conditioners containing high-viscosity dimethicones and dimethiconols make combing much easier. The best result is obtained with amodimethicone emulsions like BELSIL® ADM 8301 E (INCI: Amodimethicone/Morpholinomethyl Silsesquioxane Copolymer; Trideceth-5, Glycerin) or BELSIL® ADM 6102 E (Amodimethicone, Trideceth-10), two excellent additives to ease combing of dry and wet hair, especially when hair is damaged.

Color and Thermo Protection

Prevention of color fade and reduction of moisture loss are key functions of conditioners for colored healthy hair. The innovative film forming amodimethicone architecture of BELSIL® ADM 8301 E (microemulsion) and BELSIL® ADM 6300 E (macroemulsion) modify benfitially the hair surface without compromising on natural silky feel and excellent conditioning properties.

Shine and Luminosity

Extra shine is a key sales argument for con-ditioners. Silicones help to give a smooth reflecting surface and increase shine. In addition, phenylmodified silicones from BELSIL® PDM and PF series, e.g. BELSIL® PDM 1000, PF 22 or PF 200, provide the extra edge due to their high refractive index. They are ideal for obtaining shine and luminosity with rinse-off products, serums, masks, treatments and pump sprays.