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Quality is Everything

“The most valuable thing about a coating is the work time spent,” says Dr. Andreas K. “That is what intrigued me about SILRES® WH: not having to renew the coating after just a couple of years.” Dr. K. is an avid handyman who always enjoys testing new WACKER products. For him, high quality is the deciding factor: “I will not use an inferior product a second time, regardless of it being by WACKER or not.” Dr. K. had already tested SILRES® BS with positive results and was immediately intrigued by its equivalent for wooden surfaces. “When I read that the SILRES® hydrophobicity technology was now also available for wood, I just had to try it out.”

A Reliable Protection Network

SILRES® WH allows for an even, naturally weathered look while protecting the wood effectively from moisture-related damage.

Dr. K. built grow boxes for his raised garden bed at home from untreated oak and ash wood. He went with a contemporary design concept: combining metal with weathered wood. With SILRES® WH, wood weathers optically but maintains its substance. The natural graying process of the wood sets in despite the treatment, because the silicone resin network is permeable to UV rays. “Especially with a plant bed it was important to me that no harmful substances could leach into the soil, and the SILRES® WH silicone resin network is highly stable once it’s cured,” Dr. K. emphasizes. He coated the wooden boards with a water-based solution of 1:9, applying it with a natural-bristle brush with no troubles.

Weathered Look Without the Damage

Thanks to the weather-resistant molecular silicone resin network, water simply beads and drips off wooden surfaces.

After two years the wooden surface of the grow boxes looks as though it was untreated. But due to the treatment with SILRES® WH the wood does not show any moisture-related damage whatsoever. Dr. K. also treated his children’s play set in the garden. Friends of his had to disassemble and dispose of their swing set after five years due to wood rot, he explains and states: “This is a major advantage of SILRES® WH. After applying two coats water just beads and drips off, the wooden surfaces dry quickly and the material is protected and preserved for many years.”