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SILRES® WH Helps Preserve Wooden Façades Longer

Wood is enjoying growing popularity as a sustainable construction material. For Andreas U., ecology was an important factor in house building. Hence he decided to construct the façade for his house’s front building with garage from untreated larch wood. He first learned about SILRES® WH in the WACKER house journal: “I figured this could be a great alternative to standard impregnating agents and talked to one of our applications engineers. He told me he had already achieved positive results testing the product at his home and gave me some good advice regarding application. So I simply tried it.”

Natural Wood Protection Maintained

SILRES® WH offers long-term protection for wooden façades freely exposed to the elements.

Larch wood has low permeability, which makes it difficult to apply standard impregnating treatments like dipping. However, it grays with time, i.e., develops a natural patina, which protects it from moisture-related damage such as wood rot and fungal growth. But until this patina has developed the wood is unprotected. “The front of the façade is freely exposed to the elements,” explains the WACKER employee. “After a rain shower it took a few days until the wood was dry again. That’s why I wanted to impregnate the façade with SILRES® WH. Because the silicone resin network is UV-permeable, the natural graying process occurs despite the treatment, which was important to me.”

Just Give it a Try

With SILRES® WH water simply beads and drips off (below), while untreated wood (above) absorbs a lot of moisture, which may lead to cracking and rot.

Two months after the treatment with a 1:9 dilution a very pronounced beading effect was visible. Mister U. applied the dilution with an ordinary garden sprayer: “That worked very well for treating bigger patches more quickly. Just apply and then evenly spread it out with a wide brush. I was finished after only two hours.” Some 18 months have since passed and in the meantime the kids’ swing set and playhouse have also been treated.

After 18 months the beading effect of SILRES® WH is still very pronounced.

One liter of SILRES® WH was sufficient for the façade (80–100 m2) and the play equipment. The verdict so far: “I am very satisfied with SILRES® WH. The façade has grayed evenly without any spots. I can recommend the product wholeheartedly: just give it a try!”