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A Small Product That Makes a Big Difference

According to a Chinese proverb, you master life smiling or not at all. And the perfect foundation for a smile is a healthy set of teeth. TePe has made this its mission, spending the past 50 years making oral hygiene easy and convenient. The latest innovation from the creative Swedish company is EasyPick™ – a small, handy interdental brush made from high-quality ELASTOSIL® liquid silicone rubber.

The Perfect Balance of Flexibility and Stability

Oral hygiene anytime, anywhere.

TePe is a pioneer in the field of oral hygiene. In 1965 the family-owned Swedish company developed the first triangular toothpick – perfectly adapted to the natural shape of the interdental space. It was a revolutionary idea. A natural extension of that legacy, EasyPickTM uses a unique combination of materials, optimizing the balance between flexibility and stability with a plastic core that is both sturdy and bendable.

Technology for Unusual Challenges

Silicone coating ensures stability and flexibility.

The silicone coating with self-adhesive silicone rubber does an especially thorough job of cleaning between teeth while gliding gently over the gums. “The TePe Product Development team was looking for the right technology for our innovative idea,” recalls TePe Marketing Director Hanna Sjöström, explaining why the company decided on WACKER. “The small size of the product presented a special challenge. WACKER had profound experience with two-part silicone injection molding and we felt that the company is a professional supplier.”

Safe to Use and Highly Reliable


  • Established: 1965 by woodcarver Henning Eklund and now in its third generation of leadership under CEO Joel Eklund.
  • Headquarters: Malmö, Sweden, 22.000 m2 for offices and production
  • Branches: Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain
  • Employees: 250
  • Sales: SEK 500 million (2014)
  • Distribution: 60 countries
  • Motto: We care for healthy smiles.
  • Internet: www.tepe.com ; www.tepe-easypick.com

“Our liquid silicone rubber has a number of properties which make it ideal for this application,” says Peter Gustafsson, sales manager for Rubber Solutions at Wacker-Kemi AB, Sweden. “The product complies with food regulations and therefore is safe to use. Moreover, it is self-bonding and bonds safely to the supporting plastic in a 2K process without the use of a primer, and the silicone coating has excellent mechanical properties, which ensure high reliability during use.”

EasyPickTM: Design and function with WACKER LSRs – watch here on this TePe Youtube video .