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Optimal Processes for Top-Class Products

Do you want to produce large numbers, and demand extremely consistent product quality? Then, injection molding is the best method for processing silicone rubber.

Clear Advantages with Injection Molding

A quality duet: WACKER liquid silicone rubber in tandem with a machine supplied by a market leader

  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Products made automatically, with no need for post-processing
  • Much shorter production cycles than other methods
  • High productivity

Great Flexibility with Injection Molding

Injection molding is suitable for small to medium-sized parts produced in large volumes, e.g. baby-bottle nipples, pacifiers for infants, and sealing rings

  • Ideal for Two-component Injection Molding

    Two-component injection molding affords a way of making multi-component parts in both hard/soft and silicone rubber/silicone rubber combinations.

  • Optimum Metering and Mixing

    Liquid silicone rubber grades differ extensively. Consequently, the metering and mixing parameters are also different. Consistent quality is ensured by using specialty metering and mixing equipment.

  • Optimum Injection and Vulcanization

    There are two types of feed systems, namely direct gating and indirect gating via cold runner and hot sub-runner.

  • Demolding Curve

    After multiple cycles, a release layer resulting from the silicone rubber forms on the mold surface, and assists in demolding.

    The use of specialty mold release agents facilitates demolding during process startup. Auxiliaries are additionally used to promote demolding.

Hard-soft combinations with ELASTOSIL® LR

Are you interested in receiving information on multicomponent moldings of ELASTOSIL® liquid silicone rubber with high-performance plastics? Ask here for more facts and figures regarding products, fields of application, processing techniques and advantages.