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The new Dimension of Quality

Liquid silicone rubbers cure at high temperatures. Their consistency and addition-cure mechanism imbue them with outstanding processing advantages. No by-products are released during curing.

No Two Materials the Same

Like all the other products in the WACKER portfolio, our liquid silicone rubbers are produced in top quality: from raw materials to choice of processes, right through to the proper machines and molds. That's the way to make competitive end products. A further important consideration is continuous development of our LSR technologies with a view to improving the quality of existing processes and products. "The direction of development is dictated by the needs of the market and the customers. In addition, existing technologies serve as the platform for developing new application areas," says Dr. Wolfgang Schattenmann, head of the Rubber Solutions business team.

The Quality Advantage

Six reasons to use a top-class product

WACKER offers the principal standard products in the LR series with very tight hardness tolerances. Novel ELASTOSIL® LR grades with new Shore A hardness tolerances of just ± 3 give you a technological advantage and plenty of added value. The innovative product series with narrower Shore A hardness tolerances expands your production horizons, enabling you to produce uniform quality parts more efficiently and more reliably. As a result, you will be well prepared to meet ever-growing challenges across various industrial segments. What's more, the new products open up further possible applications in areas typically the preserve of LSR, namely automotive, baby and health care, optoelectronics and household appliances. By virtue of the new, narrower Shore hardness tolerance, ELASTOSIL® LR products are already meeting the standards and market and customer requirements of tomorrow. In SIGMA 1 and SIGMA 2, WACKER additionally offers specialty LSR grades with Shore hardness tolerances of ± 1 and ± 2 respectively for particularly demanding product requirements and specialty applications.

Top Quality as a Minimum

Our liquid silicone rubbers are platinum-catalyzed addition-curing products. This offers two key advantages:

  • No by-products or release of substances that can impair odor or taste
  • Rapid curing, with pot life and crosslinking mechanism regulated via the temperature, or, in the case of UV-curable silicones, via the radiation dose.

That's the way to make products which satisfy the highest quality standards. The products are extremely clean and so are also ideal for applications where this is a minimum requirement, such as in demanding applications in the field of foodstuffs, drinking water and the medical sector.

Quality as a Guarantor of Reliability

Quality – What Our Customers Say:

“We work exclusively with well-known manufacturers such as WACKER. Quality plays a key role for us and our customers – along the entire supply chain,” says Thomas Siegel, who works in technical support at Arburg, the injection molding machine maker based in Lossburg, Germany. Joachim Kruder, who works in sales and business development at Rico adds: “Our corporate concept centers on high productivity and high quality in connection with flawless processes and products that do not require secondary processing. That’s why we only use top-class materials, such as LUMISIL® liquid silicone rubber from WACKER."

At WACKER, we process liquid silicone rubber by injection molding, which is characterized by high dimensional accuracy. Injection molding produces high quality parts without secondary finishing, and allows much shorter production cycles than other processes. It is therefore also the preferred method for processing silicone rubber wherever products of consistently high quality are needed in large numbers. The machines and molds used are critical to the outcome. Therefore we insist on the best quality and the use of modern equipment supplied by market-leading machinery and mold makers. After all, the best way to get flawless results is to ensure a seamless interplay of material and processing technology.


Not all Service is the Same

LSR Advantages at a Glance:

  • Heat stability up to 180°C
  • Low-temperature flexibility down to -50°C
  • Chemical resistance
  • Aging resistance to UV, heat, X-rays
  • No restrictions on pigmentability
  • Low compression set
  • No toxic combustion products
  • Excellent environmental compatibility
  • Without any plasticizers
  • Specialty grades available for demanding applications in
    • Automotive
    • Household appliances
    • Medical applications
    • Transmission and distribution cables (T&D)

Liquid silicone rubber is an extremely versatile material with equally versatile possibilities. Special expertise is needed when it comes to striking a balance between material selection, requirements and application. This is where the WACKER test facility comes in. It boasts a pilot plant and is equipped to carry out the latest test methods, specific preliminary tests, prototyping and much more. The benefit to you is a unique and comprehensive range of services: from material selection, modification and optimization, through prototyping, to recommendations for plant and process technology.