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Personal Care while Caring for the Environment

See for yourself. We’ll show you how personal care and beauty products can also have a positive environmental impact...

The push for sustainability is about more than just good intentions these days – it’s part of our company’s strategy and a component of our overall corporate responsibility. In light of ambitious climate goals, dwindling fossil-based resources and a growing global population, manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact are increasingly becoming a deciding factor on the market. BELSIL® eco is a powerful response to these developments.

Nothing Like It in the World

In the BELSIL® eco manufacturing process, the use of fossil-based raw materials is compensated 100% by biomethanol from renewable resources. This makes WACKER the first manufacturer in the world to provide the personal care and beauty products industries with silicones designed specifically for these applications and using verifiable, certified manufacturing methods that preserve our natural resources – silicones you can incorporate into your production processes easily and without any additional effort.

Inspected and Certified

The creation of BELSIL® eco was motivated by a powerful drive for raw materials that preserve our natural resources. To that end, BELSIL® eco has been certified by Germany’s TÜV technical inspectorate according to exacting standards. Instead of standard methanol, for instance, the biomethanol used in this product has been obtained exclusively from renewable raw materials such as straw, grasses, sugar beets or other plant residues. TÜV continuously monitors this manufacturing process and the use of biobased raw materials.

Innovative and Revenue Enhancing

Customers all over the world are interested in the consumption of raw materials and demand environmentally friendly production processes. It follows that sustainable production will give you an edge over the competition. Some 55% of global consumers* already take sustainability into consideration when making purchases – and that trend is on the rise.

By using BELSIL® eco, you are positioning yourself among your competitors as an innovative manufacturer, thus increasing your market opportunities with consumers. At the same time, you will also benefit from the natural growth of ecological markets – an area forecast to grow by 5.6% annually through 2025**.

Easy to Use – Identical Results

You can use BELSIL® eco without making any changes to your formulation or production process. As a true drop-in solution, BELSIL® eco can simply be used in place of classic BELSIL® – neither the product formulation nor its performance has changed. Even though it is made with renewables, BELSIL® eco is chemically identical to its classic counterpart, offering you an efficient, verifiable option for more environmentally friendly production and for achieving your internal sustainability objectives.

Highly Diversified: the Product Range

Sustainably manufactured BELSIL® eco is available as a silicone for use in make-up, skin care, hair care and hairstyling products.Find the right BELSIL® eco product below:
BELSIL® eco: DM 5, DM 10, DM 20, DM 100, DM 350 and DM 60.000

* Nielsen survey 07/2014
** German Federal Environment Agency 09/2014