Questionnaire - Wacker Chemie AG



Hidehisa Suzuma

Hidehisa Suzuma in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.


Wacker Chemicals South Asia

Function, tasks
Marketing Director at WACKER SILICONES

Year of joining WACKER

What is special about my time at WACKER is...
When I transferred to the Fluids, Silanes, Resins team from the Elastomer team in 1997.

What is special about WACKER is...
The joint venture between Wacker Chemicals East Asia and AWS which began on Oct. 1, 1999.

Where I want to be in ten years’ time:
Enjoying my retirement in Japan.

What was better than today 100 years ago?
The slower life-style without IT tools.

What will be better than today in 100 years’ time?
Environmental problems will be solved and the world will become sustainable.

And the best thing about today is:
Sunshine and weather that is hot enough for swimming.

What I would like to bring about at WACKER:
Business experiences not only in Japan but in other countries. (Trying it now in Singapore.)

What I would still like to try out in life:
I’d like to publish a book of essays on jazz.

My favorite meal at the employee cafeteria:
Fish ball noodles at a food court in Takashimaya shopping mall in Singapore.

My favorite celebration:
My daughter’s birthday.

Hidehisa Suzuma (2nd from left) at a restaurant with colleagues.