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Kerstin Richter

Kerstin Richter

Wacker Biotech GmbH, Jena

Site Management

First name, last name
Kerstin Richter

Function, tasks
Management assistant

Year of joining WACKER

What is special about my time at WACKER is...
I joined WACKER right after finishing my training so it was here that I gained my first professional experience. In over four years working at WACKER, I have learned a great deal. And the good thing is that my job never gets boring; it's always varied.

What is special about WACKER is...
The amicable working atmosphere among all the members of staff.

Where I want to be in ten years’ time:
I would like to have succeeded in achieving my personal and professional goals so that I can look back and say: “I wouldn’t do anything differently.”

What was better than today 100 years ago?
Life wasn’t so hectic. Today, modern technology makes everything very fast-paced and anonymous.

What will be better than today in 100 years’ time?
I hope that there will be effective medication to treat some of the diseases that are still incurable today.

And the best thing about today is:
That we are able to experience and shape our lives more actively.

What I would like to bring about at WACKER:
Get things moving – literally! There are mountains of documents, countless kilobytes and thousands of pots of fresh coffee that have to be carried from the kitchen to the conference room...

What I would still like to try out in life:
My husband and I would like to take part in our dance school’s gala performance. I also find molecular gastronomy fascinating: I have already tried food prepared this way and I'd like to try this type of cooking out for myself.

My favorite meal at the employee cafeteria:
The best way to take a lunch break: Sitting on a park bench on our campus on a sunny day with a good book and an apple.

My favorite celebration:
Christmas with my family.