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The Boxer

Many business partners raise an eyebrow: “You box?” they ask incredulously. Corinne Razzanti, the petite French woman with long black hair then explains: La Savate, French kick boxing does not involve brutal fisticuffs; instead, it is a combat sport that focuses on body control, discipline and physical fitness. “I have never been injured!” assures the 44-year-old.

Discipline and fighting spirit – two principles of boxing which also help Corinne Razzanti in her professional life.

The WACKER customer advisor who lives near Lyon practices this unusual sport with her family. Her 22-year-old daughter has already achieved the expert grade “Silver Gloves” and mom Razzanti has reached the advanced level. She trains in flat shoes, stretch pants and a black T-shirt bearing the name of her club, Boxavate. “The most important thing is to be nimble and feel the ground,” she explains. Not only hands, but the feet in particular are used as weapons in Savate, necessitating an excellent sense of balance.

It is a hobby that takes up most of the weekend. As a qualified teacher, Razzanti trains beginners; and then there are the tournaments. In 2013, Razzanti’s team won the French championship – a title they will have to defend this year. Additionally, she is president of the 140-member-strong club in Fontaines sur Saône and dedicates time to Organisation Rêves (French for “dreams”), which seeks to make the dreams of seriously ill children come true. How does she manage all this? Razzanti laughs and says: “The sport generates so much energy.”

Its principles also help her in her professional life – Understand that mistakes are opportunities. Persevere. “I always say: If the customer slams the door in my face, I’ll come back through the window.” She has come a long way since she first joined WACKER 20 years ago as a customer sales representative. Today she is the HDK sales manager for Northwest and Southern Europe and is responsible for an area reaching from Finland to Portugal. She enjoys the fact that this position involves a lot of travel. “It never gets boring.” And she is most impressed by the team spirit of her colleagues in Burghausen. “Three things are important to my life: my family, my job and enjoying life.”

Three years ago, Razzanti signed up to take part in the Marathon de Lyon; runner number 21193, just like that. “I didn’t even tell my children.” Of about 1,300 runners she was one of the 943 who made it to the end, coming 33rd of 89 women in her age- and sex category. Yet there is a tranquil side to this superwoman: she paints and restores old furniture with great patience. She believes this is the legacy of her Vietnamese-born grandmother. But her grandfather was Italian – and an officer. “Discipline and fighting spirit are in my blood.”