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Orhan Sari

Orhan Sari



Function, Tasks
Deputy Shift Manager

Year of joining WACKER

What is special about my time at WACKER is ...
... That people’s opinions and personal wishes are always welcome. And that further training is encouraged.

What is special about WACKER is...
The sense of unity and the social environment.

Where I want to be in ten years’ time:
I'd like to be fit and actively involved in sporting activities.

What was better than today 100 years ago?
People were probably less stressed. The air was cleaner. And there were no nuclear power stations.

What will be better than today in 100 years’ time?
Medicine will be much more advanced, which will raise life expectancy.

And the best thing about today is:
The freedom to travel across open borders in Europe.

What I would like to bring about at WACKER:
To maintain levels of motivation across operations despite increased production.

What I would still like to try out in life:
Running a marathon.

My favorite meal at the employee cafeteria (or other place where you eat lunch – please specify):
Unfortunately we don’t have a cafeteria but instead there is the “Hoffman Menu”, which allows each employee to order their own set meal. In that case, my favorite meal is chicken curry.

My favorite celebration:
The Christmas Party.