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A Multicultural WACKER Couple

Basically, Oliver and Carola Majumdar’s journey across the globe began at birth: Born in Stockholm, Carola moved to the north of Sweden with her parents when she was a child. Oliver’s birth place was Berlin. When he was six years old, he moved to India, his father’s native country.

Carola and Oliver Majumdar with their sons Daniel (on the left) and Leon (on the right with Dad).

His new life in India began in a small village – quite a transition given that while he spoke fluent German, he didn't speak a word of Bengali. Later, he lived in Kolkata for a time, and then in Mumbai. At the age of 26, he returned to Germany.

In 2002, Carola and Oliver got to know each other in Sweden and fell in love. At the time, both worked for WACKER, he in Burghausen, she in Stockholm, where a project for a customer in Norway brought them together. The two of them worked on a logistics concept so that this customer “could use our products to formulate anti-foam agents for the production of paper,” explains Oliver Majumdar.

In the first four years, they commuted between Sweden and Germany, and saw each other every two weeks. In the long run this was not ideal, but, Carola relates: "I didn't want to go to Germany, and Oli was unable to join me in Sweden – then one day we simply said, let’s go on an adventure someplace else and see what happens.”

An opportunity came up in 2006, when Oliver Majumdar got an offer to transfer to WACKER’s site in Adrian in the USA. “I was responsible for the business team selling sealants in North America and Mexico,” he says. Assuming he was from South America, customers in Mexico were particularly welcoming. Oliver and Carola Majumdar felt really at home in the USA. They lived in Ann Arbor, in Michigan, which may be a quaint provincial town, but the residents are very open-minded and cosmopolitan in outlook. Carola regularly attended an “International Neighbors” meeting, where she encountered people from Japan, Uruguay and Italy who had all ended up near the “Motor City” Detroit. Everyone took an interest in everyone else and was on the lookout for similarities. The local supermarkets stocked specialties from around the world. The Majumdars’ two sons were born in Ann Arbor during this time.

The return to Germany in 2010 was a sobering experience. At the airport stateside, a friendly porter lugged the family’s 17 pieces of baggage. In Munich, however, they encountered a grumpy man in a boiler suit who told them he couldn’t manage so much luggage. Somehow they made it to the taxi stand, but the drivers there turned them away. “Eventually we found a Turkish taxi driver who drove us to the hotel,” says Carola Majumdar.

Later the Majumdars were relieved to find out that Munich, too, is a multicultural city with friendly people. Children from eight different countries play at their two sons’ kindergarten. Now the whole family feels more and more at home in Munich.

Life has led Oliver Majumdar on a journey spanning many countries where he naturally became acquainted with many local culinary specialties. And where does he like the food best? “At the WACKER cafeteria in Nünchritz,” he says, “especially the blood sausage with mashed potatoes – my grandmother in Berlin always used to cook this for me.”